Arcus Advantages

USB is the easiest way to communicate to a motion control device from a computer.
Arcus Technology brings the advantages of USB to you by offering a full line of USB motion controllers from single axis to multi-axis control.

Arcus Technology's patent-pending Dynamic Microstepping uses low cost off-the-shelf 8 bit microprocessors to achieve a high level of microstepping (any microstep value from 2 to 500) and pulse rate support (800kbps). We pass on the savings, the flexibility, and the performance to you.

Arcus Technology’s patent-pending Dynamic Configuration uses Pulse/Dir/Enable/Alarm signals to control and to configure the microstep driver. No more switches, potentiometers or extra communication ports,resulting in cost and space savings.

Standalone Controllers come with a Windows Programming Environment that is easy to use. Sample programs and source codes (Visual Basic, Visual C++, LabVIEW, etc.) are available so that you can easily write your own Windows applications.

Arcus Technology offers a full line of Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, and USB 2.0 based motion products to meet your network motion control needs.

In addition to providing standard motion control products, our team of engineers is ready to meet your individual needs through customized stepper control engineering. Contact us for your next custom motion control project!