ARCUS Motion Controller Technologies

Arcus is a US-based manufacturer of stepper motor controls and drives. We provide 1-4 axis solutions in discrete as well as integrated motor packages. Available communication options are USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485 and Modbus. Our product strengths include ease-of-use, packaging and communications. Our value-added strengths include support and OEM customization.

Arcus Industries and Applications

Some of the major industries that have used our products include:

  • Life Sciences (Diagnostics, Medical Devices)
  • Metrology (Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Acoustic Scanning, OTC)
  • Manufacturing (Laser Cutting/Marking, Engraving, Automated Transport, Liquid/Air Pumps)
  • Consumer (Film & Photography, Security, Automated Kiosk, Printing, Home Automation)