TM-STPP-17 Hybrid Stepper Motor (NEMA 17)

NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor



  • 2-Phase Bi-polar Stepper Motor
  • NEMA 17
  • Includes 2,500 line / 10,000 count encoder
  • Available in double (STPP-17-2) and triple (STPP-17-3) stack
  TM-STPP-17-2-R2500 TM-STPP-17-3-R2500
Number Of Phase 2 2
Basic Step Angle 1.8° 1.8°
Positional Accuracy (no-load) ±0.09°/Max ±0.09°/Max
Rated Current(Phase) 1.2A 1.2A
Resistance(Phase)@20 °C 3.2 Ω ± 10% 4.1 Ω ± 10%
Inductance(Phase)@1KHz, 1Vrms 8.7mH ± 20% 10.8mH ± 20%
Holding Torque 0.48N · m 0.72N · m
Rotor Inertia ≈ 77g•cm2 ≈ 110g•cm2
Mass ≈0.36Kg ≈0.5Kg
Radial Play{Max) 0.025mm(Load/450g) 0.025mm(Load/450g)
Axial Play{Max) 0.005mm(Load/920g) 0.005mm(Load/920g)
Duty Continuous Continuous
Dielectric Strength 500V A.C 500V A.C
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ/Min 100MΩ/Min
Insulation Class(UL) B B
Temperature Rise 80K/Max 80K/Max
Life (Hours) 5000/Min 5000/Min
Operation Ambient Temperature 0°C≈+50°C 0°C≈+50°C
Operation Ambient Humidity 20%RH~90%RH 20%RH~90%RH
Storage Ambient Temperature -20˚C~+70˚C -20˚C~+70˚C
Storage Ambient Humidity 15%RH~95%RH 15%RH~95%RH

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